Design and Production Applications

ONUK-BG is engaged, inter alia, in the design, building and production of high technology products for defence applications utilizing high performance materials.

ONUK-BG has considerable expertise and experience in designing and producing weapon system parts inclusive of shields for naval applications utilizing new generation, military purpose, advanced CFRP composite materials which help to reduce RCS (stealth) due to their metal like behavior (conductive) with respect to radar wave reflectivity. ONUK-BG is an approved supplier/solution provider of LEONARDO S.p.A. in this prominent, novel field of application.

ONUK-BG Shields

The outstanding features of the Shields which are developed and produced by ONUK-BG are as follows:

- Low Radar Cross Section (RCS),
- Reduced infrared signature,
- High specific mechanical strength,
- High fatigue and impact resistance,
- Reduced weight,
- Increased corrosion resistance,
- Lifetime geometric stability,
- Increased NBC protection,
- Increased service life,
- Ease of maintenance and serviceability,
- New generation modern out look,
- Interchangeable with the old version gun shields, thanks to the compatible installation interface.