Design / Engineering

Advanced Composite Structure Design

ONUK-BG with its considerable engineering background, expertise and experience especially in Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composite materials and their applications is capable of designing all types of military or commercial structures by the utilization of;
- In house developed proven analytical and numerical solution computer codes,
- Commercially available proven numerical solution codes.

Materials Engineering

ONUK-BG; prefers and uses Advanced FRP Composite materials as the basic structural material of its products due to their superior advantages compared to conventional materials (i.e. steel, aluminium) especially for military purposes.

- Low weight,
- High stiffness and specific strength,
- Impact resistance and damage tolerance,
- Shock resistance,
- High fatigue resistance,
- Corrosion resistance,
- Lifetime geometric stability,
- High acoustic transparency in sonar dome applications (under the condition of an adequate design and application of an adequate production technology),
- Ease of maintenance,
- Long service life,
- Possibility of tailoring material properties according to the requirements,
- Possibility of engineering fire retardant structures,
- Electromagnetic transparency, selective-transparency or reflectivity in radome applications,
- Possibility of bringing heat, sound and electromagnetic insulation properties inside the structure without add-on measures,
- Good ballistic properties,
- Low lifetime cost,

ONUK-BG utilizes a variety of raw materials (carbon, aramid, glass fibers and epoxy, vinilester and polyester resins) to design and build structures pursuant to the requirement.

Product Design

ONUK-BG with its considerable background in product design is capable of carrying out design activities, starting from conceptual design to R&D and detail design finally, all in house by making use of advanced CADD platforms.

Sonar Dome
Design and Production Applications

ONUK-BG has been continuously investing in human resources and equipment for developing sonar dome technologies since the year 2007. These investments have paid off by enabling the development and production of sonar domes capable of serving at wide frequency ranges inclusive of high frequencies which are mandatory for mine hunting applications. ONUK-BG Sonar Domes have been succesfully serving on the MİLGEM Corvettes, Engin Class Mine Hunters and New Type Patrol Boats of the Turkish Naval Forces. One of the principal aims of ONUK-BG is to supply the sonar dome needs of the world navies with its technological capabilities and considerable experience in the field.

Fluid Mechanics Analysis

ONUK-BG, has considerable expertise, versatile knowledge, experience and tools to carry out CFD analysis for various applications.