Submarine Parts

Battery Container

Owing to the advantages of the new generation production technologies developed by ONUK-BG and the superior features of the advanced Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composite materials, ONUK-BG Submarine Battery Containers occupy the prominent place in the niche market for submarine batteries. ONUK-BG Submarine Battery Containers are of prime preference of the Turkish Naval Forces.

Shock Resistance Test

ONUK-BG Submarine Battery Containers and Covers are designed and produced (utilizing high pressure RTM) to withstand high levels of shock loads, a feature which is vital in naval submarine applications. The shock resistance of ONUK-BG Submarine Battery Containers and Covers have been validated by demanding shock tests carried out as per the recommendations of "BV 043-'SHOCK RESISTANCE SPECIFICATION FOR BUNDESWEHR SHIPS', GERMAN FEDERAL OFFICE FOR MILITARY TECHNOLOGY AND PROCUREMENT, 1985" which is considered the reference document by World Navies.

Shock Test Video

ONUK-BG Submarine Battery Containers

The outstanding features of the Submarine Battery Containers and Covers which are developed and produced by ONUK-BG are as follows:

- Increased corrosion resistance against aggressive acid attack,
- Increased mechanical strength,
- Increased fatigue and impact strength,
- High dimensional precision,
- Dimensional stability throughout the service life,
- Increased service life,
- Repeatable accuracy in mass production.